Laugh Away Your Ticket with Video Defensive Driving

Make Dismissing a Ticket as Easy as Watching TV - Only $34.95!

Good Call!

Thanks for taking a moment to check out the newest all-video defensive driving course in Texas. Here's a quick preview of the kinds of things you'll see:

Save Your Eyes from Reading and Your Brain from Remembering

When you choose our all new video defensive driving course, you’ll skip the effort and eyestrain of reading text that fills your computer screen. We guess that you are probably like us. You probably learn better when you are comfortable and at ease. This 100% video course takes away that discomfort and allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself as you literally watch your ticket go bye-bye. Watch your ticket go bye-bye. See what I did there?

To make the video course even sweeter, this course has no final exam. Unlike our basic course, the video course features short quizzes at the end of every unit so you don’t have to remember everything you learned until the end of the course. To make it sweeter still, there is a short review video immediately prior to each quiz, making it even easier to pass.

Be Careful When You Take This Course,
You Might Just Enjoy Yourself

Okay, we have to be honest, we’re no strangers to getting tickets and taking defensive driving ourselves. As a matter of fact, it was our experience with bad courses that prompted us to get into this business. After being exposed to enough defensive driving classes, we were sure that there had to be a better way to deliver the state required information. We figured that if we could make a course that made us laugh that other folks might like it too.

While we certainly believe that safe driving is a serious business, we also believe that there is no reason that talking about safe driving should be boring. We have done our best to present the refreshers and reminders that the state wants you to have in a way that is both educational and entertaining. By the way, if you are afraid that people will think less of you if you wind up enjoying our defensive driving course, your secret is safe with us.

Texas Approved Video Defensive Driving

The easy way to get rid of a ticket just got easier!