Frequently Asked Questions

When you received instructions from the court about dismissing your ticket, the paperwork probably said something about a defensive driving course or may be a driver (or driving) safety course. Across the state, these terms are used interchangeably, but they mean the same thing. The most important thing is that you choose a course that has been state approved for ticket dismissal like this one has.

While getting a ticket is the number one motivator for people to take defensive driving, it is not necessary. Some take it for jobs that include a company car while others take it to qualify for premium discounts from their car insurance company. However, it is important that you know this: you can’t store up defensive driving credits. If you take the course for any reason other than ticket dismissal and then get a ticket, you’ll have to take it again.

If you received more than one citation at your traffic stop, you can only dismiss one of them with defensive driving unless you receive special permission from the court saying that you can. You should also know that the court only extends this privilege once every 12 months which is why the court has asked for a copy of your driving record.

Yes, really, but it wasn’t our idea. The state makes the rules, so we have to play along. That’s what makes an online course great. Yes, it six hours, but they don’t have to be six hours in a row. By the way, the state does require that one of those hours comes in the form of breaks so taking the course isn’t as bad as you are thinking that it will be.

While it is easy to pay for your course using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express card. If you would prefer, you can always begin your course and send us a check or money order later.

While you could certainly do that, why not save yourself the hassle by ordering one of our course/driving record bundles? That way, the paperwork you need for the court comes in one convenient envelope, ready for you to drop it off.

We understand how fast 90 days can fly by so we are dedicated to getting you that certificate fast. The minute you finish your course, we begin processing your certificate and, if you finish it by 1 PM, will drop it in the mail that day. If you are afraid that your mailman can’t get it from our Fort Worth office to you fast enough, we also offer several affordable expedited delivery options.

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Texas approved for ticket dismissal in every court in the state.